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Basic technical conditions and characteristics of box-type substations

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  The box-type substation is used for AC 50Hz,10/0.4kV level voltage to transmit electrical energy and change the voltage.

  Box-type substation should include:

  1.All high-voltage power distribution devices in the box

  2.All low-voltage power distribution devices in the box

  3.Power transformer(2 SC-50 dry-type hermetically sealed transformers)

  4.Spare parts,spare parts

  5.Other related facilities and components in the box

  Box-type substation standards:

  (1)GB/T 17467-1988 high-voltage/low-voltage prefabricated substation

  (2)ZBK40001 combined substation

  (3)Technical conditions of SD320 box-type substation

  (4)Rated voltage of GB156 electrical equipment

  (5)GB 311-1997 Insulation coordination of high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment

  (6)GB763 AC high-voltage electrical appliances generate heat during long-term work

  (7)DL/T537 6~35kV box-type substation order technical conditions

  (8)GB/T 11022-1999 common technical requirements for high voltage switchgear and control equipment standards

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