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Transformer industry should avoid overcapacity

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  Polaris Transformer Network News:Transformers mainly include:voltage transformation,current transformation,impedance transformation,isolation,voltage regulation,etc.The transformer industry has grown with the construction of electricity.Electric power construction is a very important infrastructure construction in my country.Especially in the past few years,as the country increased investment in power construction and activated the transformer market,the production capacity of my country's transformer companies has expanded rapidly.In recent years,with the rapid development of the transformer industry,the industrial drawbacks have gradually begun to emerge.

  At present,my country's transformer market demand is less than 1.5 billion kilovolt-amperes,while the current production capacity of my country's transformer industry has reached 3 billion kilovolt-amperes.Overcapacity directly affects the efficiency of enterprises.Due to vicious competition,quality products have entered the market.At present,most products in the transformer market are of low quality,and more than half of the products are unqualified.Transformer is an important equipment to protect the power grid,and its quality directly affects the safety of power grid in my country.

  Shangpu consulting electronics industry analysts believe that for a long time,my country's transformer companies have been operating in a low-efficiency environment,the enterprise burden is heavy and there is no state funding support.Therefore,the focus of R&D can only be on solving short-term technical problems,and has no ability to engage in the research and development of the foundation and key technologies for long-term development of enterprises.For a long time,the development of most state-owned enterprises relied on the introduction of technology,and they often did not pay enough attention to independent innovation.Enterprises should neither reintroduce or underestimate independent development and innovation,nor blindly engage in closed-door research.They should emphasize open independent innovation and encourage digestion and absorption of imported technology.

  According to the 2011 China Transformer Market Analysis and Investment Value Research Report released by Shangpu Consulting,domestic transformer companies need to change the price advantage they have relied on in the past.In the case of the country's strong support for wind power and smart grid construction,it is necessary to strengthen R&D efforts,To produce products with higher technical output and better quality.At the same time,implement market demand-oriented,rationally adjust the structure to avoid the impact on enterprises due to overcapacity.

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