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Low-voltage GCS drawer cabinet

Low-voltage GCS drawer cabinet

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  GCS drawer cabinet is an advanced product developed by integrating the advantages of other low-voltage products.It is suitable for power distribution systems in power plants,petrochemicals,metallurgy,telecommunications,light industry,textiles,high-rise buildings,and other civil and industrial and mining enterprises.It is used as a low-voltage power distribution device for centralized control of power distribution motors in power generation and power supply systems and reactive power compensation in places with high degree of automation,such as large power plants,petrochemicals,and telecommunications systems.

  The main frame is assembled with 8MF steel,which has the advantages of high strength,good pre-processing technology,flexible and convenient installation;each functional room is strictly separated,and its compartments are mainly divided into:functional unit room,bus bar room,cable room,and each function The function of the unit is relatively independent;the horizontal busbars are arranged horizontally after the cabinet,which greatly improves the dynamic thermal stability of the busbar,so that the dynamic and stable current can reach 76KA;the drawer is divided into 1/2 unit,one unit,two units,and three unit size series;The size of the drawer changes only in height and width,the depth remains unchanged,and the drawer of the functional unit is interchangeable;the drawer unit is equipped with a mechanical interlock,with positions such as opening,closing,testing,and drawing,and the logo is obvious.

  Conditions of Use:

  1.For indoor use,the altitude of the point of use must not exceed 2000m.

  2.The ambient air temperature is not higher than+40 degrees and not lower than minus 5 degrees.And the average temperature within 24 hours should not be higher than+35 degrees.If it exceeds,it needs to be derated according to the actual situation.

  3.The relative high temperature of the surrounding air is not more than 50%at+40 degrees,and a larger relative temperature is allowed at lower temperatures;if+20 degrees is 90%,it should be considered that the change in temperature may accidentally produce condensation.

  4.When the device is installed,the inclination of the vertical plane is not more than 5°,and the entire group of cabinet rows is relatively flat and meets the(GBJ232-2)standard.

  5.The device should be installed in a place where there is no violent vibration and impact,and there is not enough corrosion for the use of electrical components.

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