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Outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

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  1.The shell is made of excellent stainless steel material or ordinary steel plate by Dacromet anti-rust treatment process and then sprayed with UV-resistant varnish.The product has excellent anti-corrosion,anti-salt resistance and other environmental performance.

  2.The insulating part is made of epoxy resin and silicon rubber composite insulation materials,with high insulation grade,strong anti-pollution ability,with ozone resistance,ultraviolet resistance,hydrophobicity and high and low temperature resistance.There is no transformer oil or sulfur hexafluoride gas in the box,which meets the requirements of oil-free transformation and environmental protection.

  3.The operating mechanism is a spring operating mechanism,there are two kinds of manual and electric,if necessary,you can install a remote control device and avoid the closing surge device.The required external power supply power is not more than 70W,and it is easy to be equipped with a backup power supply.Uniquely designed buffer device,excellent performance,low rebound and low noise.

  4.The arc extinguishing chamber adopts special stainless steel brazing technology,no electroplating,high welding quality,stable and reliable,and low air leakage rate.The production process uses a special ceramic metallization formula and advanced ceramic metallization process to ensure the airtightness of the product,the tensile strength is greater than 130Mpa,and it is completely sealed at a time.

  5.The current transformer is made of excellent magnetically conductive material and epoxy resin and silicon rubber composite insulation,which has the advantages of large capacity,high dynamic thermal stability multiple,high accuracy level,maintenance-free,high reliability and so on.

  6.According to user needs,it can be combined with the corresponding controller to form an automatic recloser and segmenter,which is an ideal equipment for realizing distribution automation.

  Use environment:

  A、Ambient air temperature:+40℃~-40℃Daily temperature difference:25K

  B.Wind speed is not more than 35m/s

  C,the protection grade of the chassis is IP64

  D.Consider condensation and precipitation

  E,Earthquake intensity does not exceed 8

  F.The solar radiation intensity does not exceed 1000W/㎡(equivalent to 700Pa on the surface of the cylinder)

  H.The requirements exceeding this technical condition shall be agreed between the user and the manufacturer.

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