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Prepaid electricity meter

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  Prepaid electricity meters are also called quantitative energy meters and IC card electricity meters.In addition to the measurement functions of ordinary energy meters,the special thing is that users buy electricity first,and then use electricity after buying electricity.If the electricity is used up,the user does not continue When you buy electricity,it will automatically cut off the power and stop the power supply.It is used to measure the AC single-phase active energy with a rated frequency of 50Hz,and realize the management function of paying before using electricity.Use advanced microelectronics technology for data collection,processing and storage,and use radio frequency card to transfer data.Its performance index conforms to GB/T17215-2002 and GB/T18460.3-2001 standards.It has the characteristics of small size,high security,high reliability,and anti-theft electricity.

  Features of prepaid energy meters:

  1.Adopt large-scale integrated circuits and SMT processing technology to ensure high reliability of products

  2.The power consumption of the energy meter is low,far less than the national standard requirements

  Voltage circuit:≤0.7W and 4VA(National standard:≤2W and 10VA)

  Current line:≤0.3VA(national standard:≤4.0VA)

  3.Strong anti-theft function,the single-phase electronic energy meter produced by our company adopts advanced anti-theft technology.Not only has the common electricity stealing methods such as preventing the meter from tilting,external magnetic field,short circuit,reverse power consumption,etc.,but also has the function of preventing electricity theft from one fire and one place

  4.In terms of structure,it is designed with anti-stealing end cover to prevent short circuit stealing

  5.The watt-hour meter has a wide range,which guarantees an overload multiple of more than 6 times

  6.The watt-hour meter has anti-sneak logic circuit,125%voltage is applied,and the watt-hour meter has no test pulse output

  7.When the watt-hour meter is 0.4%Ib,the watt-hour meter can be started and recorded

  8.The working voltage range of the electricity meter is wide:when 380VAC is mistakenly added for a long time,the electricity meter can still work normally

  Prepaid electricity meter function:

  1.Automatically power off after the purchase of electricity is used

  2.Optional load control,delayed power off when overloaded

  3.Insufficient remaining power alarm to remind users to purchase electricity in time

  4.LCD screen wheel display power consumption information,convenient for users to view

  5.The LCD screen shows the accumulated power and remaining power at the same time is clear and intuitive

  6.The ISO standard IC card adopts special data dynamic encryption algorithm,which is safe and reliable,one table and one card

  7.Large-capacity meter reading card,the meter reading is in place and accurate

  8.The electricity purchase card automatically copies back the electricity consumption information,which is convenient for management and checks the user information

  9.Special setting card and meter replacement card,convenient for management department to register and maintain

  10.Adopt power-off processing technology to ensure that the power-off data is not lost

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